"Fight the good fight of faith... "

1 Timothy 2:16


Vitor Berti is the first of two boys that we sponsor at the Holy Trinity Institute in Moreira, Brazil. Vitor is five years old and loves drawing, writing, riding his bike, and playing with toy cars. He also enjoys going on walks with his mom and has a dream to be a bus driver when he grows up! He asks for prayers to continue to build on the faith that he has and is thankful to God for the help they are currently receiving!

Joao Paulo


Joao Paulo, Vitor's brother, is the second child we sponsor at the Holy Trinity Institute. Joao Paulo is eleven years old and is now in his fifth year of school. He enjoys playing soccer, watching TV, and his favorite color is red. He has a dream to be a veterinarian and is thankful to God for his family. He also asks for prayers for continued help for him and his family.

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